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I am having troubles with the posting of some rhymes - there is a limit of 8000 letters/signs, but my contribution has less than 3000 letters/signs!

There is also a problem with the title; i.e. a red bar with "Before proceeding, please check your question was not asked already" .... There was no same title, and I changed and changed, shortened and shortened, but it did not work.

What was the error?

Thank you for your hints.

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It only a 'suggestion' and you can just ignore it. You can post the question, it just says 'avoid asking a question if someone has already asked it'.

Marianne Dan
Thank you, Dan. Your suggestions can help everybody.
Serenity will open another discussion, and she asked me to re-enter these questions and those on her other post in her new one.
Suyanto Tirta

This site is experiencing delays when trying to post and often occur on the choice of category, that makes me a little frustrated to continueimage

Marianne Suyanto Tirta
Thank you, Suyanto, as you have seen, Serenity will deal with the question again, and she wishes rediscuss our answers/questions on this page and on Serenity's post.