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On Blurtit, I was deleted by a mod over a personal difference we had through the Direct Messaging.  After such mod(s) have left the site, I'd like to begin on Blurtit again.  This would require making a new account but on the sign up page the only option available is to sign up through facebook...a social media outlet I do not have.  Can anyone give insight to this?

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Did you try using your old username and password? It was mentioned that facebook was now a requirement to sign up new.

Tyto alba Ladyhorse

The old account was removed completely.  I can not return then because I do not have a facebook.  O well,  not a huge loss.  I'm not sure what Blurtit offers anymore anyways.   Not even sure I want to return.  I just figured that since I was told certain elements are gone, I'd check it out.  I think I'll just not deal with it then.

Ladyhorse Ladyhorse

I'm sorry...looks like that is going to be a requirement everywhere. I miss Ask.com and wish there was another like it. No requirements, questions directed to professionals for those topics. I guess it was becoming too social/familiar/friendly...nothing good stays the same.

Tyto alba Ladyhorse

Yeah.  Strange though,  You'd think having a social media account as a prerequisite would really reduce the amount of people that could join.  Why they'd choose to do that interests me.  I think people don't give Ask enough credit that it deserved.  Sure,  it got hinky but if you kept your nose out of other's problems, you had an ok time.  That's true for all sites, I guess.

Rooster Ladyhorse

Sorry Tyto but it was DS narfolk that deleted your account. It wasn't A.A. nor me. We both quit the site after she started all the rule changes and we both got into it with her and the owner. The Facebook sign up was his idea to reduce spam, which it has not. Blurtit is not the same anymore but I hold no grudges with you in the least, If you wish to try and re-join? You have to have a Facebook account. DS narfolk is now James the Nomad. I guess she figured changing her name would keep people from not liking her, IDK. All I know is that Angela and I are much happier being away from that place.

Tyto alba Ladyhorse

I remember it being you because you said "That's the last straw.  I'm deleting your account." and that was while you were still on Blurtit.  No matter, I'm willing to move on, *have* actually, from both that and Blurtit.

And why would DS, a woman, name herself James? Lol.  

If I ever get a Facebook it will be next week or never.

Tyto alba Ladyhorse

I'm not going to hack my way in.  That seems like too much effort to get in a place I'm not sure I want to anymore.  And Twitter, as well as all social media, can be used enjoyably without running into trolls and haters if you just mind what you post.  People give it a bad name but I haven''t run into any issues on there.

Rooster Ladyhorse

It's not the same Tyto! Not at all. Lot's pf people have left because of the lack of moderation and the new bs rules. Good luck!

Tyto alba Ladyhorse

That was the story before I even went there so long ago before the ask migration.  It was always something.  No one is ever happy.


You can sign up with an another email adress. If your accoount was deleted with no reason, you dhould not sign up.