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Why the guys have many relationships than the girls while most girls stick with a single partner.

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Suyanto Tirta

I Don't know and no comment,  because only one woman in my life. although I know out there are many temptations    * smile *


Because girls usually might be more attached to their partner and connect feelings more to sex while guys have a higher sexdrive and can more easily separate sex and feelings I think.


Men tend to less prone to monogamy than women.  Sadly in many cases we men are drawn to women by our sex drive.  While most women are driven by the need to find a partner and settle.  Also, society tends to praise men for having many lovers while shaming women.


According to surveys, women claim an average lifetime number of heterosexual partners of 4, while men claim 8.

What this means is that men exaggerate upward (a well-known phenomenon), while women probably exaggerate downward, since it is obvious that the average must be the same for both genders (not counting homosexual relationships).


This question was never answered more comprehensively than by Yul Brynner in The King and I.

A girl must be like a blossom
With honey for just one man.
A man must be like honey bee
And gather all he can.
To fly from blossom to blossom
A honey bee must be free,
But blossom must not ever fly
From bee to bee to bee.

TheOtherTink Didge

But, Didge, I've seen individual blossoms service MANY bees!

With my own eyes!   :O

(What was that idiot King of Siam smoking?  Oh, wait, he meant his harem; he wasn't much on similes.)

Didge Didge

I may have let down the team, but I've had my hands full looking after just one woman. :(

TheOtherTink Didge

Nothing wrong with that, Didge, when it's the right woman.  ;)

If we're talking about heterosexual, then it takes two (one guy and one girl) to tango, and therefore the numbers of sexual partners have to equal up to be the same for each... so I'm with TheOtherTink on this one, as the difference in number is the difference in number of claims, guys probably round up, while girls probably round down, on where they do or don't count...

I've seen different guys and girls do both, some guys have many relationships, some stick with a single partner, some girls have many relationships, some stick with a single partner.

Darkest Serenity

Because we Women are Emotional Creatures and Crave more Intimacy , especially in the early years , where as Guys just wanna get laid.

That is until they meet that one Woman who changes their feelings , the one who teaches them about True Intimacy. 


Zolfie Darkest Serenity

Hey, some of us guys want more than just getting laid.. :)

and I'm still waiting to "meet that one Woman"

But you did remind me of one problem I've seen in the dating world with some of my females friends, it seems like they meet a "bad boy" which they're attracted too, and ALWAYS think they're "that one Woman who changes their feelings , the one who teaches them about True Intimacy." And they always rebel (get upset and yell) when some friend(s) tells them the bad boy is still bad or getting worse, and try to get closer to the guy to get him back until finally realizing the friend is right and becoming heart broken. :(  It makes it hard to tell friends stuff sometimes when you notice something odd about the person they're dating.

@ Zolfie  Just one of Life's Mysteries why so many of us Women are or have been attracted to Bad Boys because I can't deny it , I was definitely involved with some Bad Boys and there was just something intoxicating about them.

A Little Arrogance is a turn on tbh  guess there's your answer Zolfie.


@ Zolfie  

When I was about 19 I sat in a room after a party had died down with 20 Guys or more 18 to mid 20's , they thought I was asleep ..........I was listening to everything they said to each other..

I actually wanted to slap the shit out of them because the way they talked about my Friends who they were seeing was *shocked*  It OPENED my Eyes about most Guys that age.   

Every single Guy , including the older Brother when he came home was talking about getting laid , giving scores on the best Blow jobs and how long they could last in bed  hahaha  

Blew my Mind I can tell ya 

Zolfie Darkest Serenity

@Ser ... mmm so I need to get a little more arrogance? Got it ;) Thanks :D

@ Zolfie   Just a little , never lose that Sweetness 

Zolfie Darkest Serenity

@Ser Sweetness doesn't get a guy that far with most, of course once you get far it can keep you around :P

Which is the goal to someday meet someone and stay around forever 8-)<3


Men need to kiss more frogs before they find a pretty frog, lolz

TheOtherTink Platinum

No, Plat, it's because women usually kiss with their eyes closed.

And men usually keep their eyes open because they are watching out for her husband.  :P

Darkest Serenity Platinum

@ JD   lolz  is that right , Kissed enough Toads myself tbh image

Platinum Platinum

You are naughty Tink.

Platinum Platinum

I like toads 

*Reply button not working , so I'm editing*     really JD   lolz

btw say who you are talking to ..........our name to name feature is not working right now    

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Plat:   Naughty is my middle name.  Just ask Ser.  :P

Darkest Serenity Platinum

@ Tink    hahaha   that's very True image

TheOtherTink Platinum

This website gets worse every day!

Now I have to take a sitz bath for my sore bum!

And I'll thank you for just a bit of privacy!   :pouty:


Suyanto Tirta Platinum


TheOtherTink Platinum

Click on "Show less" and stop peeping, Suyanto, or I'll tell the woman in your life what you've been doing!  :O

Darkest Serenity Platinum

@ Tink   you are so Naughty , you've got the Guys *blushing* now  lolz 

Platinum Platinum

Is that really you Tink and has someone flagged you....some people..

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Ser and Plat:   Who, me?


Zolfie Platinum
awe sorry to hear you got a sore bum, maybez someone should help you rub out the soreness :P

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Zolfie:  Um... I think I'll stick with my sitz bath.

My significant other tried what you suggest, but the soreness only got worse.  :O

Thanks anyway.   :P

Zolfie Platinum


Sorry to hear it only got worse :( I wish rubbing it out worked for you and your significant other as it's very enjoyable at least for me rubbing it out of others :P :) though I could suggest maybe give it another shot with some sort of lotion and softer touch :) Might not work, but even if it doesn't you could always go back to sitz baths. And my apologies if that suggestion or thought goes on or past any sort of line.

But you're very welcome :)

TheOtherTink Platinum

My significant other took a crash course yesterday, and that did the trick.

His technique is much improved.  :)

Zolfie Platinum

@TheOtherTink, did you suggest that to your significant other, did the read the above, or did they just do that all on their own?

I'm glad that did the trick and interesting view on the video that you found ;) :)

Improved technique is always a good thing :D

Darkest Serenity Platinum

@ Tink  Me and my Girlfriends used to massage each other for practice when we were in our late Teens , so when it came to giving our Lovers a massage we wouldn't cripple them  lolz 

I have had some lousy massages , where I was actually wincing and thinking 

"Oh God please , make him stop now"   hehehe 

Zolfie Platinum

@Ser   MMMM what a very very lovely image :D

As for the other part, you could always show/teach him how to do it ;-)

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Zolfie:  I found the video for him, and he practiced while watching it.  :P

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Ser: When it "came".....?!   And you say I'M naughty.....????

And the ...um... inept massages?  Well, ...you could have just faked it to get some...uhh... relief.  :O

Zolfie Platinum

@ TheOtherTink: VERY NICE! :D Lucky him! Lucky you! , I'm glad it worked out :)

Does that possibly mean more spankings or massages in the future?!? :P;)

Zolfie Platinum

@ TheOtherTink: Sorry for the rant that follows this, maybe I'm over thinking it or just in too serious/tired of a mood to be posting this late at night, anyways here just a (rant) of some thoughts, don't feel like you need to read it or take it so serious if you post was playful (which I'm thinking it was playful).


I don't think that faking it, is a good idea. I mean it might get some relief from the current inept massage, but what about the future? What if you like the guy, if he thinks he did a good job this time, then he's going to want to do it again (thinking he's good at it) and you're going to be put in the bad spot again. Or even if it's a one time thing, and you don't think you'll ever see the guy again, he's going to now think he's good at it and try his bad messages on someone else, letting him ruin his chances with her and putting her in a bad spot.

Wouldn't it just be much much better, to stop him and teach him how to do it correctly? Then he understands he has some learning still to do, you hopefully can get a good massage out of him (or at least better one) after teaching him a little, and hopefully put any future partners of his in better spots.

And yes I know, the big problem is that guys don't listen... I get that, but once you put a naughty girl into the picture where he might get something out of it... normally they start listening a lot better (or you know.... get kick the f out)...

Don't get me wrong, there is probably a time and place for "faking it" (as a man, it's hard to type that, but it's probably true, (ie, not in the mood, the man's (thin) ego can't take it at the moment, etc)) but I think guys needs more teaching moments from females as well, as it seems a lot of the guys teachings have come from other guys... which, how do I say isn't always correct or smart to attempt with all women, and I believe a woman's viewpoint could be better.

That or maybe I'm just over thinking it and attempting to be way to serious when it's way too late at time...

Sorry for the rant everyone

This deserves a Thumbs up Zolfie and as Moderator I can do this..........Ser :)


Darkest Serenity Platinum

@ Tink   hahaha   Meet me in the gutter babe because our Minds are already there. 

Oh I have Faked it but thankfully not so often that I could get an Oscar for my performance 

*Naughty giggles* image

Darkest Serenity Platinum

@ Zolfie    Always good advice for anyone and I did exactly that , I'm a Good Teacher and can do it without crushing Ego's *you just turn it into fun*  so it doesn't feel like a Lesson.

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Zolfie:  It all depends on the circumstances and personalities involved.  If the inept massage were causing wincing and wishing it would just stop already, then in all probability it's simply not going to happen on that occasion, and it seems to me it would be best to bring matters to an expeditious halt, without hurting the guy's feelings.  There would be plenty of time for (diplomatic) instruction on other occasions., if indeed the relationship continued.

The clumsy massage jumped the gun,

And the sequel was SURELY no fun.

My words I won't mince:

It caused me to wince,

And WISH that that session were DONE.  :O

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Ser:  THIS performance should get an Oscar (*more naughty giggles*):

Zolfie Platinum

@Ser: Oh I bet you're a great teacher 8-), for that kind of lesson plan  :D

Zolfie Platinum

@ TheOtherTink: You're right, "It all depends on the circumstances and personalities involved", but personally if someone was in some unwanted pain, I would much prefer them stop me rather than fake it, but that's just me.

Of course if it's wanted, then that's a different story :P

TheOtherTink Platinum

My significant other has become quite adept.  He's a quick study.  :D

Darkest Serenity Platinum

@ Tink   hahaha   Oh I Loved that Limerick babe 

vid won't play over here :) shame 


Darkest Serenity Platinum
@ Tink  hahaha   what the Hell kind of massage is that , I'd sit up and slap someone if they started playing me like a Drum , I wanna be strummed like a Spanish Guitar *Naughty giggles* 

TheOtherTink Platinum

@ Ser:  Lol, I guess they banned that Youtube in the UK because her sighs and moans were too shocking for Brit ears.   :D  Glad the limerick wasn't banned, and that you loved it.  :)

Oh, and btw, the Speed Spanking Massage above was performed to the rhythm of the FIRST movement of Rodrigo's Aranjuez concerto.  Different strokes for different folks.  :):)

Fuzzy Corona

Because guys don't have to deal with being called sluts for having lots of sexual partners

Zolfie Fuzzy Corona

Guys get called "slut", "whore" and "man-whore" as well, just more often it's not as in such an extremely negative way, and they normally brush it off and either don't care, care very little, or take it with pride. Where girls it seems like they normally meant extremely negative way and they normally care a lot more than guys.
Darkest Serenity Fuzzy Corona

@ Zolfie  that's very True , I've called my Male Friends Sluts at times because they Truly were acting like Man Whores. With a different Woman every night of the week or meeting one in the afternoon and bedding her within a couple of hours.

tbh  If the some Women didn't act like Complete Sluts and put out so easy , then the Guys wouldn't be called Sluts in the first place.,,,,,,,,,,would they ?image

Zolfie Fuzzy Corona

@ser ... hey... what's wrong with "bedding her within a couple of hours"?!? ;):P 

That goes both ways, if both sides didn't put out so easy then neither side could be called sluts. 

But TBH sometimes easy can be a good thing, or stress relief for both sides.

Darkest Serenity Fuzzy Corona

@ Zolfie   You're a Male Slut  hahaha :P;)

Zolfie Fuzzy Corona

@Ser hahaha :P  Maybe ... maybe not :angel: Guess you'll never truly know :P

Darkest Serenity Fuzzy Corona

@  Zolfie   lolz  :P  you're Halo is slipping  :D

Zolfie Fuzzy Corona

@ Ser , ha :D what can I say, you're helping to tip it off ;) you and all of that darkest serenity is sucking me in :P

Darkest Serenity Fuzzy Corona

@ Zolfie    Absof*ckinglutely

 I make Good Boys Bad and Bad Boys *smile* 


*Wicked giggles*

Zolfie Fuzzy Corona

@ Ser: Well you're making me both bad and smile ;):P

@ Zolfie    hahaha   Excellent , I'm here to lead all the Good Boys and Girls astray 


Social pressures are different for men and women. But when men tell lies about sex they pad the numbers and when women tell lies about sex they tend to cover some up so that may have to do with the discrepancy too.